Uma American IPA da Cigar City Brewery extremamente aromática, bom drinkability e ideal para os amantes de lúpulo. Apresenta coloração âmbar, média carbonatação, aparência turva e espuma de média formação mas com boa persistência. Muito bem equilibrada, nos aromas e sabores nota-se a intensa presença do lúpulo, com notas cítricas e frutadas.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Seu nome "Jai Alais" é em homenagem a um tipo de esporte basco (atual Espanha), que faz lembrar o squash, onde a bola é jogada em um cesto.

Intergalactic is an American IPA collaboratively brewed in the New England style by J. Wakefield Brewing ( @jwakefieldbeer ) and Interboro Spirits & Ales ( @interboronyc ). Served in an IPA glass from a can, the NEIPA pours a murky golden orange-brown hue that’s topped by a very generous stack of rocky off-white foam that shows excellent retention. Be careful when pouring this one. Gobs of chunky residue clutch the sides initially. But only a little lace remains during consumption. The aroma is sweet with a scent of grape juice. The palate begins with a taste of doughy bread mixed with a mild dose of pine. A sweet and tart burst of grape juice punches the finish. It’s mixed with bitter notes of grapefruit and lemon that linger through the finish. Its feel is smooth with a medium body and moderate carbonation. Finishes dryly with a less-than-moderate astringency. Overall, doesn’t have the most appealing color but it is hazy and its head retention is remarkable. Its feel isn’t quite there for a New Englander but as an IPA, it’s just fine. But whether you enjoy this brew or not will depend on just how much you enjoy grape juice. Its vinous flavor isn’t overpowering and but it’s definitely noticeable. The sweet and bitter finish doesn’t clash but it’s not the most harmonious pairing. All said, Intergalactic isn’t out of this world, but it’s still a pretty darn good brew. ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ . #craftbeer #beer #ale #ipa #indiapaleale #americanipa #hoppy #cerveza #craftbeerlover #craftbeerporn #craftnotcrap #craftbeerlife #beertime #beerme #beerpics #beerreview #beersnob #beerporn #beeroclock #beerthirty #beerstagram #beergeek #beertasting #beertography #beerlover #drinkcraftbeer #drinkcraftnotcrap #jwakefield #interboro

Been wanting to try this brewery for a while after reading an article about them, but @fobeerco for the first time with #wetgravity big notes of pineapple tangerine and mango. @fobeerco please send more to Philly until Ibcan make a visit! #newbeer #gottatryemall #foreignobjects #foreignobjectsbeer #ipa #juicy #hazy #hazyipa #independentcraft #dank #beer🍻 #beerporn #beersofinstagram #beerpics #burgs

Free Fall: A sour IPA brewed with raw wheat, malted oats, milk sugars, hopped with mosaic powder. This one is lit! 🔥🔥 . . . @hudsonvalleybrewery

Double click... Double tap... Working and drinking ;) Thanks to @jjsperandeo for bringing me back a @toolshedbeer "double tap" double IPA in collaboration with the @pinkbootssociety whilst in Calgary, Alberta! This beer, although strong and boozy, was totally smooth and a little sweet. Lots of malt character and a nice burst of hops to finish. A kick of a finish at 9.1% ABV! Cheers!🍻 - - #toolshedbeer #pinkboots #pinkbootssociety #doubletap #doubleipa #dipa #strongbeer #collaborationbeer #calgarybeer #calgaryalberta

We admire you for your beer bath, but for god sake open your mouth. For every ounce of beer lost, a baby never sees light.

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Life is short. Drink dessert first.