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thinkin bout how thrilled i am to become one with another part of Earth . & how fresh n exciting new life is ⚡️⚡️

Free cheese slice + breadstick for veterans and active-duty personnel this Memorial Day. All six of our locations will be open!

My boys and I enjoyed bike ride with these gorgeous view!!

Cocktail Special: Midnight Radio (Los Javis Mezcal, Sherry, Blood Orange, Lime, Agave)

NNS never not showboating 😘

Today's #Instagram adventure takes you to our iconic St. Johns Bridge in #Portland! Photo courtesy of our former Encore Photography and Videography Fellow, Dave! Photo from @davidapalmer52 Selected by @sotauch ---- Each week we will feature several photos that we believe best represents the true beauty of Oregon. Don’t forget to tag Oregon Environmental Council in your next photo and use the hashtag #ItsYourOregon to be featured on our feed!

Cocktail Special: WITCH HUNT! (El Charro Silver Tequila, Prickly Pear purée, Lime, sugar)

This is my good friend @rosexleon who is amazing photographer and we finally had a chance to take photos around the downtown area since I have been taking sometime to focus on other things. For the past few months I have been focusing on my mental health due to to personal problems I have been dealing with. And on top of that I have had to cut ties with individuals and groups that have been sexually harassing and assisting women in the creative scene in Portland. Consent is important and it is never ok to disrespect someone personal space especially when it’s unwanted. I will continue to be an ally for people in the creative community and I am also proud to be apart of @omwpdx where we work with other freelancers to get work around the creative community. And if you hang around people that disrespect others In a inappropriate way and I find out about it then we done. ✌🏾