I LOVE THIS!!! 😍❤💗💞 This picture touches on so many beautiful ideas and is the epitomy of hope 🙏! The reunion of father and daughters after so many years and to see so much love when many people with "younger" souls would have entered such a situation with feelings of entitlement and contempt for the time spent apart. You see NONE of that here because although Christopher, you were not there physically, you must have had them in your hearts 💞 every second of every day for there to be so much love here. We are more spiritual being than we are this physical body we currently possess and this just more evidence of this. I am proud of Lena for her accomplishment of graduating high school 🏫 after overcoming a childhood that was more difficult than most. Lena, you showed that you will succeed at everything in spite of any challenges that may arise. I am proud of Christopher for overcoming your inner-demons so that you may live this life as we all are meant to, happily and in love with your beautiful partner Paola by your side but also blessed to have your children cheering you on to become the best of you. And my princess 👸 Francesca, I am proud of you for the beautiful loving heart you possess, that in spite of not meeting your father in person until you were 12, you always held a spot open for him in your kind and amazing heart; and when HE was ready, you let him in and graced him with the beauty and love that is you and you did so with full wide open arms! I am blessed to have been witness to this part of your guys' story or chapter in your book of life because it's just one more example that love, unconditional love, not only exists in all of us but that you 3 beautiful souls are the perfect examples of how no matter how unorthodox the upbringing, whenever love IS present, the outcome will ALWAYS unequivovably be miracles upon miracles. And so it is! #Namaste #Blessed #UnconditionalLove #LoveConquersAll #AFathersLove #DaddysGirls #ThreeRealLifeHeroes

Stepping out with my little ladies. #daddysgirls

#beautiful #daddysgirls #nevertiringview #prouddaddy could start a debate but, as far as I'm concerned, THE 2, prettiest & loveliest daughters ever! 😍❤😆

The rain don’t stop nothing 🌧 #daddysgirls #rainman

Besties chillin with their daughter besties! #toocuteforwords #daddysgirls

I’ve never been more happy to come home to my babies after being away from them for 3 months! I’m one happy daddy!😍😍😍 #daddysgirls #myworld

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I’m feeling pretty crap. I think it was the Chinese we got last night and has absolutely nothing to do with the 75 bottles of Prosecco I drank yesterday. Fortunately Andrew has taken pity on me and has taken these two out to the park. I’m going to take a nap. 😴 💤 . . . . . . . . #daddysgirls #daddytotherescue #tiredandemotional #hanging #hangover #naptime #family #happy #mumblogger #mumbloggersuk #mumbloggers #mumblog #mummyblog #londonmum #mumoftwo

I love her personality she is unique ...talking about that 3 more days for her birthday 🎂 big 1️⃣0️⃣ #Nash #turning10 #daddysgirls

My baby. 👸👸 #AriaNicole #daddysgirls

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Trying to be the #best #dad 🤯 #being #father #daddysgirls #littleones #precious #cuties #little #model Being a father isn't just "I earn money and feed my family" and lying all day long on the couch or spending time in the bars and "I need to take a break "...but many other things, even minor, small events of which is our life made from... but in the memory of our children it will be imprinted on their whole, leave only good and warm traces ☺🐥✨🌈 . . Быть отцом это не только «я зарабатываю и кормлю семью» и валяться весь день на диване или гулять по барам и «мне нужно отдохнуть»...но и множество других вещей, даже незначительных, маленьких событий из которых и состоит наша жизнь... но в памяти детей это отпечатается на всю их жизнь...так что, оставляйте только хорошие и добрые следы 👣 ✨🌈 #минута #добра #дети наше #счастье #папины #дочи #цени #время #сладость #радость