I met Deepshika around 2 years ago. I find a bit of myself in her, or maybe a little more than a bit. Like everyone is different, so is she. No doubt, being almost 5 years younger to me and not talking to each other often, yet she’s one of my favourites. She’s simple yet unique. She gets to open with selected one. She’s brave enough to compete against any situation in life. I miss and have always loved our post class conversations outside whether it was cold or not. I love the fact that we have same taste in terms of street food and some songs. One of the best things about Deepshika has done to me was being kind enough to message me regarding all the official matters when no one supported me in another city. She was always up to message me whether I was fine and whether there was any problem or not. This gave me a lot hope and strength. She’s one of the examples of true friends who don’t meet often but know how to keep friendship. She has been ultimately sweet to me. Deepshika, I have always loved this gesture of yours. Moreover, when we used to study together she was one my competitors. But we always had this healthy competition and was there till the boundaries of class. Neither of us was jealous of each other’s success. Deepshika, thank you for being a sweetheart to me. I love you the way you’re. Thanks for everything 😊 may God bless you . 😘 stay in touch always ❤️ @a_few_pages_from_my_diary #writings #follow4follow #writers #like4like #friendship #friends #nostalgia #instagood #instagramhub #saturday #friendsforever #myexperience #following #writersofindia

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o papai chegou e agora eu to dormindo na mala dele pra ter certeza que ele não vai embora 😂

Bom dia Sábado E já estamos abertos a todo vapor Em todas as nossas unidades E da uma olhada nesse cropped maravilhoso de frio ❤❤👏