Quick shoulder workout. My next goal is to make less ridiculous faces when I workout 😂. I suggest doing 5 sets of 4-8 reps, depending on how easy the weight is for you. Once I can do 8 reps I increase the weight till I'm at a point where it's challenging to get 4 and I continue this process of increasing reps, then weight. • Standing military press 5x8 • Superset Arnold press 5x8 Front delt raise 5x8 • Superset Hands up crunches 5x10 Rear felt flies 5x10 • Superset Reverse pec deck 5x8 Lateral raises 5x8

🍑LEG DAY😬🙌🏼 . A few booty & hammies focused excercises I did yesterday! . 1️⃣ Good Mornings💆🏻‍♀️ - @munib_aslam likes to make fun of this one hahah but it is pretty effective for them hammies tho! I go high reps on this hence just using the bar☝🏼 . 2️⃣ Jumping Lunges💃🏻 - This burnsss🔥 Try 6 sets of 20😉 . 3️⃣ Hip Abduction Machine🤔 - I personally like to stand up & hold onto the front to feel it even more, but not necessary! You play around with what works best for you👌🏼 . 4️⃣ Cable Kick-Backs🏃🏻‍♀️- Been a whileee I’ve done this actually, but bringing it back!☺️ A tip for this, use a lighter weight that you can control. Footage is sped up* . Try incorporating these in your next leg day😇 Been working out late nights since I’ve been fasting during the day & it took some time to get used to. Tbh still adjusting - but I’ve always been enjoying huge meals (since I only eat twice a day) which kinda works out for me🤗 Still been taking my lovely vitamins, so holding on a-ok👌🏼 #doitforthebooty #legdayworkout #workoutwithme

If your back is lacking thickness, try implementing power rows. they fall right between bent over rows and a Yates row. Try going a little heavier and use the momentum of your body but also keep in mind to stay tight to prevent injury.!

Well now that I’ve got the down part sorted out. I just have to get back up again haha. . . #squat #tightrope #slackline #balance #practice #fun #friends #livingontheedge #weBEAST #weLIFT #GAINSCo #theGAINScompany #divisionsupply #airfitnessapparel #airfitness #innerbeastclothing #innerbeast @fit_figuress @division_supply @airfitnessapparel @innerbeastclothing @built.better . . For great equipment, apparel, and supplements to help you train like me, check out the link and discount codes in my bio.

A light leg pump today, 3x5 with 375. Squats feeling like air!

Increasing more tricep work into my programming 👊🏼 shout out to @division_supply for fueling my workouts 💥 use my code directly in my bio to get 10% off products on the site! #eattrainsleeprepeat #bodybuilding #powerlifting #bulkingseason #bulking #eatgainrepeat #GAINSco #weBEAST #divisionsupply