I'm working my way up to making some BIG art, so had a mooch round the magnificent Custard Factory area of Digbeth in Birmingham today Some of the new pieces are outstanding It's great to see talent being shared in a way anyone can access for free Thank you to all the wonderful artists (I'll find out who made each piece...) who put themselves out there to create such beauty 🐣🌈

Pictures are a great starting point to getting your brand noticed. But videos engages more potential customers. It can all be slightly overwhelming to think about but once you have a plan in place and we’ve taken you through the ins and outs you’ll be surprised how simple it is!

Ever wanted to experience the rage room? You, a baseball bat and a series of items you get to smash up. It's INCREDIBLE! ° Every new Buckt subscriber gets the opportunity to complete the rage room, which retails at £20 per person. ° You get that plus 4 other activities for just £25 for TWO PEOPLE! No extra charges, no hidden fees. ° Sign up today. Cancel whenever you like.

Over 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away each year... and 99% of them aren’t produced sustainably and recycled after use. No matter what your packaging needs - coffee cups, boxes, cutlery, bags or wrapping sheets, they can all be produced (and custom printed), by Green Man Packaging who will make them from natural, renewable plant materials that can be composted together with organic good waste after use! Visit for more info! 🌱

Pretty lucky to have ice cream like this in Bham

Over on the blog I’m just finishing off my review of the February and March boxes from @degustabox_uk 💛 Keep your eyes peeled for when it goes live! What would you try first?

Keeping up with the feed symmetry, another peacock shot. I prefer the background in the one. The bokeh is rather yummy! On a seperate note... 600+ followers!!!! Happy days... Here's to 1000!!! Can it get there before I go away at the end of August?!?! Thank you all for continuing to follow and interact. _______________________________________ #MoodyGrams #bokehkillers #exklusive_shot #dof_addicts #peoplescreatives #bokeh_kings #royalsnappingartists #dof_brilliance #bokeh #bokehful #streetmobs #dof_of_our_world #birdsofinstagram #animalsmood #kings_birds #birdwatching #bestbirdshots #birdstagram #animalsaddict #birding #instabirds #your_best_birds #wildlife_seekers #brum #ilovebrum #birminghamlife #igersbirmingham #birmingham #peacock