today is the second birthday of my favorite album-a dangerous woman!💡this album is about what is overflowing me☁️this is an alib about what i want and will say right now📍and i found myself in this album,i trust myself!!!🏹♡all that i feel, i can say that this album is some kind of my personal anthem🌧🌌 #2yearsofdangerouswomanalbum

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Oh my god. Like I don't really like Archie but he's being framed and I know it because the one that killed Cassidy was Andre. If you think back to a few episodes when v , b, jug and Archie were going to the cabin and b & v went shopping and met someone called Cassidy later on in that episode he came to the house and robbed it until v pressed a button behind her draws and warned the intruders about the swat coming and one of the intruders (cassidy) pulled Veronicas Perl necklace off and then ran Archie ran after and tackled him and was going to punch him but Andre came and said "I'll take it from here Archie" And with that Archie started walking off and then heard a gun shot which makes us think Andre killed the intruder ( cassidy) and now hiram is framing him with the knife or something that Archie stabbed into his table because Hiram felt threatened and scared so he wanted Archie gone.

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