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Mother & Daughter Relationships 🌻 Mother and daughter relationships are so amazing and especially when you guys understand each other as a daughter we just want our moms to understand us and also make us feel comfortable enough to come to you with anything and not be judged but just get advice. Still be our mom but also our best friend. Me and my mom have not had the best relationship but it has gotten better over time. As I began to become a teenager I feel that was the worst part of our relationship and what didn't make it better was being placed into foster care at age 14 but as I got older and became a tad bit wise I understood certain things in our relationship and I understood more about my mom and why she did the things she has done. All is not forgiven but we are definitely in a better place now then before . We are a working progress but what I will say to all daughters that our moms are the most honest friend we will ever have. She teaches you how to love yourself. How to become a women. teaching us how to love in relationships when we get to that stage. Everything about being a woman we learn from her. Our Mothers! And for mine I am grateful 🌍 #moms #mothersday #melanninpoppin #strength #mind #billboard #own #black #soulfood #soul #mtv #love #blacklove #spiritual #teen #fostercare #survivor #cardib #nickiminaj #malcolmx #beyonce

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