Thean Zhou Temple in Quanzhou Photo: @jarrywan9 #instafujian

Sometimes faint kitchen lighting is the move🤷🏽‍♂️ 🙋: @annasophe 🎨: @isaacdvniel

Sekarang, kalo cuma modal bacot mah udah biasa👄 . . . if:@andreasvictory loc: surumanis beach By @aryahilhol

Dad made me a new ramp. It was pretty confusing to figure out... so dad hid blueberries along the steps. I get distracted easily... 🍇

Something about double exposures catches my eye...this one, was of a shadow with a picture I snapped the other day on my way to the gym...Hope you guys enjoy it! . . . What meaning(if any)do you have about double exposures? Hit the comments sections with you answers, love to know! 😁 • • • • [ #madewithpicsart #urbanphotography #illgrammers #hypebeast #exploretocreate #thecreatorclass #shotaward #streetmobs #killeverygram #moodygrams #nightout #main_vision #heatercentral #agameoftones #fatalframes #ourmoodydays #ig_color #igersmood #travelawesome #travelstoke #justgoshoot #discoverglobe #travel_drops #wonderfulview #worldtones #fotocatchers #bestplace #global_hotshotz #chasinglight #streets_vision]

“If I could have dinner with anyone, it would be my grandmother. She passed away over a year ago and I used to watch Jeopardy with her almost every night. We talked all the time and she knew how everything in my life was going. Sitting down with a politician or my favorite author wouldn’t compare to having another conversation with her. • I really love talking about politics but since it can be such a polarizing issue, no one brings it up. If politics are brought up in a conversation, everyone tip toes around it. Even if I am sitting next to someone and I know we disagree on almost every topic, I wish we could still talk about it just because it is interesting to hear why people believe what they believe. I also wish I could have more conversations about conflict in the Middle East but I know a lot of people are distant from it so they don’t talk about it much. • If I could change one thing about the world, I would like for dogs to talk. • Louisville has the best coffee, all the time, on every corner. The support for local local businesses in this city is amazing and I love how politically active people are. There is art, music, and food here for everyone. Louisville is just fantastic.”

Venice,Italy -2017 Comment if you like or dislike it If you like it, rate this shot from 1 to 10 in the comments below.

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