Marcha contra la homofobia en Puntarenas. Jueves 17 de Mayo del 2018. #yorespeto #latergram

Don’t forget to drink, even if it’s iced tea🍹

5 years ago today I got an early birthday card that rocked my world. My great grandmother who was my favourite woman in the world was not accepting of my transition. She didn’t understand it and as we had been so close as I grew up she was not prepared to mourn the death of her great granddaughter. I didn’t get mad with her. There were things I knew just wouldn’t change because she was an old lady. I dared not tell her that one of my closest friends was German as she grew up in German occupied Jersey during WW2 and had strong opinions on the Germans. I dared not tell her that I had lost my faith in god because she would have had anxiety over me going to hell when that day comes. But my transition was something I wanted to share with the most important woman in my life. She didn’t get it and I had expected that. I remember her crying on the phone and telling me I was making a mistake. But I always tried my damn hardest to explain it all and one day... it just clicked. She wouldn’t write Elliot in my cards to begin with only “E.” but it was the start of the most amazing journey of acceptance I’ve ever seen in my life. One of the last things my Mafi said to me in 2015 was “I miss my Ilyana, but you’re a man now and I need my big strong man sat in his chair in my living room and be there for us.” 😭 I am so proud of her for accepting me for being trans and my brother for being gay despite growing up so against it. There is not a day I don’t think about her, everyday I look at the sheep ornament of hers that I proudly show in my room and I was given after her death. My Mafi was my world 🌍 I am so so thankful that I was born into this family because not a single member from the oldest to the youngest are judgemental. This family gives me so much hope for humanity. 💐

"'Cause I've been shaking I've been bending backwards till I'm broke watching all these dreams go up in smoke let beauty come out of ashes let beauty come out of ashes and when I pray to God all I ask is can beauty come out of #ashes ? " 🎶🔥💫

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Morning and happy #sundayfunday!!! I am on my way to Brighton for date number 3!!! I'm joining him with his friends today and oh my god l am so nervous! My campness and double entendres are going to be through the roof! Never mind wishing me luck....l think you need to wish him luck!!!!